Just Moms

My essay, “Digging for Answers,” begins on page 31.

Conveying the principles and the practice of justice to young children is no small task.

In this poignant, honest, and sometimes witty collection of stories, 27 women share their adventures and misadventures modeling social-justice principles for their children and communities. Just Moms is about moms bending their own rules and redefining success as they work to raise kids who value peace, equality, truth, simplicity, and love.

This book is for you if:

  • you teach nonviolence but your preschooler has shot you with a gun fashioned out of a stick,
  • you try to practice contentment but have found yourself drained by the demands of raising special-needs children,
  • you believe in simplicity but have let your kids cajole you into increasing their collection of useless trinkets.

Just Moms is about finding hope in what looks like a perfect mess.


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