Newspaper Column

“On a shoestring” is a monthly newspaper column. It  currently runs in two Northwest newspapers: The News Register and The Sun.

December 2009– Giving is good, but make it meaningful

January 2010– Sometimes, a penny spent is a penny saved

February 2010– Finding ways to trim food bills

March 2010– Dirt cheap but oh so rich

April 2010– Parting with plastic a painful process

May 2010– Daughter’s DIY haircut takes a little off the tab

June 2010– A scavenger’s paradise

July 2010- The elusive search for the perfect place

August 2010– Rethinking a fall ritual

September 2010– School days inspire reflection

October 2010– Looking back is now in fashion

November 2010– What does it mean to ‘eat well’?

December 2010– Debt takes merry out of Christmas

January 2011– Wishing you and yours a thrifty new year

February 2011– Many ways to cut drug costs

March 2011– Creating community

April 2011– One flush at a time

May 2011– When priorities conflict

June 2011– Eating as a community

July 2011– More than money on the line


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